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I cannot say enough good things about the Good Food Store! Their store and BBQ may not look special but trust me, the food that comes from inside them most certainly is! We have had the BBQ on multiple occasions and it has always been fantastic! We also had Heather and Dave cater our wedding, rehearsal dinner and another meal we had while in town. Seriously, this is good food! Our guests have not stopped raving about how delicious the food was! They were able to perfectly cook and serve chicken, beef tenderloin and mushroom raviolis. Each of these is tough to cook perfectly in their own right, let alone to be served at the same time and for a large group of people. They were also great to work with throughout the whole process and were open to adding one of our favorite dishes to the menu (chicken piccata - yum!) and cooked it perfectly! We will most certainly have The Good Food Store cater us a meal EVERY time we're in the Bethel area and we'll be back for the BBQ too. Definitely give them a try! And if you need a caterer for an event in the area - look no further! Their professionalism and skills in the kitchen are top notch! They put most restaurants to shame if you ask me.
~Christine P., Attleboro, Mass

The Good Food Store was a great find for catereing! We had a group of 20 ski buddies up for a long weekend at Sunday River - and contacted Chef Heather to see if they would do family/buffet style dinners at the house we rented. She made it so easy. They provided excellent food, an excellent price, large portions, and excellent service. They delivered to our house each night - on time - and set up serving trays with all the hot delicious food - and all we had to do is walk in an serve ourselves. It was fantastic!!! (now we are spoiled). We would highly recommend them to anyone. For meals we went with Barbecue Ribs, Chicken Picata, Pork Tenderloin in Reisling sauce - and had sides of Garlic Mashed Potaoes and a Fields Green salad that had manderin oranges and strawberries in it - and everything was fantastic. Our group does not give out compliments easily - but we all just wanted to say that Good Food Store/Catering is the best!! We will be back.
~ Chris H, Weymouth, Mass

Driving back to the Bethel Inn after hiking in the Grafton Notch this Saturday, needed a sandwich in the worst way. As we drove by, my wife noticed cars in the lot between this business and the BBQ trailer. We turned in and it was a great choice. Tiny store packed with a lot of interesting food and wine. Ordered one of their specialty sandwiches (BBQ beef with cheddar) and was very happy with the delicious sandwich. Would highly recommend the place. My wife also picked up a homemade Oatmeal Raisin for me, which I ate later that night. Also excellent!
~Bill G., Scituate, Mass

I'm here somewhat often because the Good Food Store shares a parking lot with the excellent ... BBQ trailer and they are located across the street from the only place in the area that seems to carry both the Boston Globe and Wall St. Journal daily papers (I'm a nerd, sue me...) The main draw for us is the excellent heat-and-serve prepared meals (I think they are made by the same folks who do the catering). We regularly get: - Shepherds pie - Chicken pot pie - Mac & Cheese - Moroccan Chicken Selection varies on any given day, possibly as a reflection of what the catering folks had to cook up that day for clients. All are excellent and a great way to feed a bunch of people if you don't feel like cooking from scratch or hitting an area restaurant. The prepared meals are mostly what we shop for here; they have a wide selection of other stocked items as well including nuts, pastry, frozen foods, breads, beer & wine etc.
~Chris D., Roslindale, Mass

I love their prepared foods and soups. They make sandwiches to order, they have pre-made family meals, soups, and home made trailmix bags. I love the chocolate covered peanuts and yogurt covered snacks. My favorite sandwich is the portabela bomb, and the trailer in the parking lot with the BBQ is also great. I save money by eating in with food, snacks and beer from the good food store instead of eating out every night when I am in Bethel .
~Boston, Mass

What a find! Take-out food was the best, these folks really know how to cook good food for reasonable prices that suit children to adults. Fine selection of organic vegetables, wines, bakery items and readymade. Definitely recommend.

We are having Heather and Dave cater our wedding and cannot say enough about their food. We've had their BBQ, had them come and cook us a meal on-site while we were in town for a weekend, and eaten takeout from their store. All of it is fresh and delicious. The meal we had them cook for us was simply outrageously good. On par or better than many restaurants we have here in the Boston/Providence area. We cannot wait to serve their food for our wedding and we just know people will rave about it! They have been phenomenal to work with and have gone above and beyond in so many ways. If you are thinking about using them for catering, DO IT. They should be called the Great Food Store!

PHENOMENAL PUMPKIN WHOOPIE PIE! I was in Woodstock, ME over the holiday weekend visiting my sister's and BIL's cabin they're building. Sis and I made a couple of trips out on Saturday and Sunday - and one place we stopped was the Good Food Store in Bethel on Route 2. Sis bought a few things, and I had fun exploring a very nice little store (with a good BBQ trailer outside, BTW!) but she was disappointed that they didn't have their pumpkin whoopie pies wrapped on the counter. We asked about them and one woman said "They're making them right now but it'll be about a half hour". When checking out, another woman behind the counter said "Let me go check on them!" She came back a few minutes later saying "They hadn't yet filled one, so I did it for you - here you go!" and handed over One. Ginormous. Pumpkin. Whoopie. Pie. So startlingly large and overstuffed, I blurted out "Holy crap! Look at the size of that sucker!" (although I used a different letter for the "s" in the word "sucker") The woman just cracked up and said "Yeah, we get that a lot." :-) Went back to the cabin, and after lunch, Sis cut it into quarters. Because seriously? That's ALL you can eat - the pumpkin cake is tender with a very good crumb and a very good pumpkiny flavor. The icing in between is sweet, but not cloyingly so. I wish I had taken a picture of it. I *think* they cost $2.35 or close to that? Seriously good stuff. My BIL probably had the remaining quarter of whoopie pie after coming off the roof from shingling on Sunday. :-)
~Linda Whit

If you're in the Bethel/Sunday River area, this is one of your only options for craft beer. The owner Dave is a great guy, you'll most likely find him out in the Smokin' Good BBQ trailer that also sits on his lot. Go talk him up about beers, and grab some pulled pork, and ask to try the BBQ Smoked Cashews! Inside the store you can grab a sandwich, soup, local raw milk, cheese as well as a lot of other items, but don't miss the beer cooler in the back corner of the first room. There you'll find offerings from Allagash, Dogfish Head, Weyerbacher, Victory, Baxter Brewing Co., Sebago, Atlantic Brewing Co., Tuckerman's, and many more. You'll also see a smattering of large formats in the bottom left. Usually a couple Belgians, maybe a Scrumpy's hard cider or two. Next time you're up skiing or playing golf stop in and tell 'em Greg sent you! I won't bother to tell the locals 'cause they already know.

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